Coconut Love

I walked into 2016 like a blazin’ fire, ready to conquer whatever came my way. That good feeling quickly disappeared just two weeks into the new year I was involved in yet ANOTHER car accident. I’ve been in a handful and just like a cat, I feel as if I’ve been using up my nine lives. This last one left me feeling incredibly stressed and hopeless. I decided to reach out to a mentor of mine, this amazing humyn being for some guidance. When I talk with her (which is usually via telephone) I always picture us on some old rotary phone, like a step back in time and we’re communicating as if we’re on some top secret, existential plane. I relate talking to her as if in a dream and on the other end God was reaching their hand out to me and calling me forth to some greater purpose. I’m serious. I’m so serious when I say my conversations with her mean the world to me and I always step back afterwards and really think about change and evolution and acceptance and non acceptance-all of it.

Recently we spoke and she asked me to think about a few things and to consider carrying out a few rituals. One of them-cracking a fresh coconut and pouring the water over my head. I thought of my grandmother instantly, for some reason I always remember her having coconuts in her home. I listened, bought a coconut for a whopping $1.29 and brought that baby home, pounded 3 holes in it and asked my partner to pour all of its goodness throughout my hair and scalp. Immediately, I felt nourished and purified and cooled. The feeling is hard to put into words. I haven’t washed my hair since but you couldn’t tell. I decided to also do some additional research of my own. So included in this post is a nice quick read on the importance of the coconut. I won’t disclose why I personally performed this ritual on myself because well, it’s personal. But please enjoy the article, make informed choices and enjoy a few flicks as a result of this magical coconut!


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